About Family Business Association

We are an enjoyable and engaging organization filled with knowledgeable family businesses and advisors to family businesses. We focus on providing timely educational events and

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Join a Family Business Advisory Team

This is your unique opportunity to learn from each other, to work on your family business opportunities and challenges, and to have the security of

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Get Ready for a New Season
of Dynamic Programming

2018/19 Program Schedule - Mark your Calendar


New Season Highlight:


Imminent Changes Will Affect Your Family Business


Whether you are a family business or multi-national, the connected generation, technology and a sharing economy will (if not already) fundamentally change the way we operate our businesses. But this reality doesn't have to be scary, off-putting, or beyond your reach.


It starts with understanding and accepting that the world is changing...fast! You must embrace the need to be innovative and agile in your operations, and challenge everything you know about your business, customers and staff. Easier said than done, right?


This Presentation Will Help Get You There!

Join us on Wednesday, September 19th from 5:30pm - 8:30pm at the Uplands Golf Club as Rocky Ozaki, the co-founder of NoW Innovations, will simplify, in a compelling way, the reasons the Future of Work has arrived. He will walk us through what the 'NOW' looks like and what any family business can do to future proof their business.  

Your ticket includes an evening meal.

Special offer: $55 (plus GST) for everyone!  


Experience FBA VI - WATCH VIDEO!

Year-End Social

June 2019, date & times TBA, Year-End Social: Celebrating the Role of Family Business in the Economy, HarbourCats game on Hop-On Hop-Off bus hosted by Wilson’s Transportation.

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Workplace Stress & Wellness

Identify signs of burnout, ways you can deal with impact of stress, and come away with tools that are critical for wellness and professional resiliency.

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Family Business Stories

Join three entrepreneurs who will tell their stories about expanding their family businesses outside of Victoria.

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Family Business Excellence (FBE) & Young Entrepreneur Awards

Celebrate with us as we honour outstanding Vancouver Island family businesses, a young entrepreneur and our valued sponsors at this prestigious event.

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Ambitions, Extreme Goals & Risks

Join us for a fireside chat on reaching your potential with FBA VI members and Ultra Marathoners, Andy Spurling of Proline Management and Stewart Story of Story Construction.

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Enterprise Transition 2019

Experts in the field will walk you through a three step process they created that allows a business owner to develop an effective transition “road map.”

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Emotional Intelligence

Join Kerry Brown of Success Biz Coach to explore the direct correlation between Emotional Intelligence (EI) and your bottom line results.

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Future of Work is NOW

Rocky Ozaki, the co-founder of NoW Innovations, will simplify, in a compelling way, the reasons the Future of Work has arrived.

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FBA Annual Meeting & Member Appreciation

Join us for a brief AGM and an enjoyable time at Rathjen Cellars with FBA VI members and friends as we launch our 2018-19 season!

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