Greetings FBA VI Members & Friends,

I am honoured and pleased to serve as the President of Family Business Association (FBA) Vancouver Island. I have learned through personal experience, as a fourth-generation family business, the value of sharing experiences and learning from other like-minded family business owners and professional advisors. FBA VI is the meeting place for family businesses and their advisors, where experiences and talent of those involved come together to produce a dynamic community that is ever responsive to member needs.

We are unique. FBA VI is controlled locally by a Board of Directors comprised of our members. Valued sponsors help make our membership and excellent program offerings affordable. We are able to adapt quickly to growing and changing needs of our members by using resources and professionals within our own community. Our Executive Director, Bernadine Rudichuk, enhances team initiatives which enables effective administration and communication throughout the organization.

Together we produce a community of like-minded people who immediately experience a sense of belonging and who are able to enjoy many opportunities to learn from each other. This happens through:

  • Educational Events of speakers, panelists and workshops on family business themes;
  • Family Business Advisory (FBA) Teams of supportive and trusted peers who share experiences;
  • An Interactive Community with opportunities to connect, network and build relationships;
  • A Forum for our younger members, the leaders of tomorrow, to discuss their unique challenges; and
  • A Non-Solicitation Environment with a focus on learning from each other.

The internal talent of our members and desire to help each other is special. I join with them to make FBA VI the best it can be, which depends on your input and involvement within our unique community. I encourage those new to FBA VI to let us know how we can help meet your needs. Connect with our Executive Director or a board member and attend events to experience us first-hand.

FBA VI is ‘your business family’ – an inspiring and energetic organization with a focus on family business successes.  Welcome to the family.

Trevor McCall
FBA VI President

P. 250-532-2402

Trevor McCall


McCall Gardens

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