President’s Report

September 24, 2020 AGM


Hello Members & Friends,

It’s been quite a year!

The 2020 program and season proceeded as planned through February, with the highlight being the Family Business Excellence (FBE) and Young Entrepreneur (YE) Awards. The gala celebration was a great success and an event enjoyed by all who attended. Nimmo Bay Wilderness Resort was the 2020 FBE recipient and Erin Boggs of Robinsons Outdoor Store was the YE recipient. Unfortunately, that was the last time we gathered together in person with fellow members and friends!

As COVID-19 became a reality we were forced to adjust our programming and offered four successful Zoom events. Our Family Business Advisory Teams also had to adjust and met remotely. Your Board of Directors continued to work as a team to keep FBA responsive to member needs.

Now, as we move into a new season in 2020, we are combining live events with Zoom events to keep you all safe. Large events, like the next one on Estate Planning Tools for the Family Business, will be on Zoom. Smaller events like Family Business Best Practices will be in person.

In 2020 and in previous years the Family Business Excellence and Young Entrepreneur Awards have always been celebrated during the month of February. This season we have scheduled the gala to take place in April, in hopes that we will be able to gather in person. If we are still in the midst of the pandemic and unable to gather in person, we will be prepared to conduct the awards on Zoom. Nominations for the awards are open and I encourage you to nominate deserving candidates.

Your board is now offering a Transition Group where those going through transition may meet with other family business owners who have successfully gone through the process. We are excited about this new offering because it is another excellent way in which our members can learn from each other.

This is an important season for you and for the FBA. If there was ever a time for FBA to step up and support its members, it is now. Please use FBA as your meeting place for support, education and networking. Please also consider, if it is time, to join a Family Business Advisory Team, the Mentorship Program or a Transition Group.

Your Board of Directors is committed to continuing excellent programming throughout the season.

After seven years on the FBA Board and serving as your President for the last two years, I am stepping down. Thank you for the opportunity to serve you, learn from you and enjoy our time together – it has been a privilege.


Trevor McCall

Trevor McCall
FBA VI President

P. 250-532-2402

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