President’s Report

September 18, 2019 AGM

Welcome to a new season of energetic and inspirational FBA programming.

Every year your board engages in strategic planning to set goals for our new season and beyond. Your board believes that with the ambassadorship of our current members that we will be successful in growing our membership to 100 within three years.

We continue to explore ways to add value to your membership and be responsive to your needs. In January 2019, a focus group of 24 FBA members was held to determine how your board can add value to your membership. We learned that membership would like to see more ways to become engaged in discussions with each other. We are now adding chat groups to our program this year. Chat groups are small gatherings for discussions on specific topics of interest. We are also interested in creating more ways to introduce members to each other and will be incorporating introductions into some events.

The focus group also asked for a Mentorship Program which I am pleased to announce has now launched. The focus group participants had many programming suggestions and it came as no surprise that succession is a key topic of interest. FBA will continue to incorporate succession into programming. Another desired topic is assessing the labour market and we will once again cover this topic in our new season.

Some of your board members met with FBA Team Moderator at a breakfast meeting in May. We look forward to continuing this practice to enable teams to share ideas and benefit from each other’s experiences. The FBA team waitlist has been a concern and we are now looking at forming a task force to find ways to shorten it.

Once again, we are starting this season with excellent sponsorship support which makes a huge difference to FBA. We have the freedom to be innovative in our programming and keep attendance costs at reasonable rates. Also, the tremendous support of our Media Partners, Black Press and Business Examiner, provides coverage that is critical to FBA.

Your board of directors needs to determine if we are doing enough for our younger members, the nextgens. Are they ready to take on increased leadership roles in their family business? What can FBA do to help prepare them? We are looking at possible education and training specific to this generation and will be communicating with our members to get input.

In closing, I encourage you to become FBA Ambassadors and help us reach our membership goal of 100. You are the pulse of our organization.  We have a fresh new logo and will be including a “Proud Member” tagline for your use. I invite you to put it on your website, LinkedIn page, Facebook and in your email signature. Be active, become a mentor or mentee, join a Family Business Advisory Team, attend events, invite other family businesses, and guide us on what works or does not work for you.

I look forward to an exciting new year with you!

Trevor McCall
FBA VI President

P. 250-532-2402

Trevor McCall


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