Sign Up Dates Program Costs Renewal Dates Renewal Costs
Sept 1st - Feb 28/29th $699 Sept 1st $699
Mar 1st - May 31st $300 Sept 1st $699
Jun 1st - Aug 31st NO COST Sept 1st $699

2022-23 FBA Program Season

This 2022-23 FBA Program Season only, FBA Membership is $699 (plus GST).

Members who join FBA VI from March 1st to May 31st pay $300 plus gst. If you choose to renew your September 1st membership of $699 early, you receive a discount of $100 for a total investment of $899. Email to inquire:


Non-Solicitation Policy

One of the core principles of FBA VI is that all members – business owners, family members and advisors – must respect the principle of non-solicitation. To read and learn more about the FBA VI Non-Solicitation Policy, click here.

Family Member

The Family Member membership is a family business looking to connect with, learn from, and share with like-minded people who understand the experiences unique to running a family business. We welcome family businesses of all sizes and industry types. Membership benefits extend to all family members and your membership fee provides you with special rates for events along with the opportunity to join an Advisory Team at no extra cost.

A “Family Business” is defined as a business that has one of the following characteristics:

  1. Has been owned and operated by different generations of a family;
  2. Where the potential exists for ownership to be passed on to another family member;
  3. More than one member of a family has active employment in an organization owned by a family; and/or
  4. A family which has in the past or is presently operating a business.

Advisor Member

The Advisor Member provides professional services to family businesses. An Advisor Member is expected to be involved in the association with the following qualifications:

  1. Must be sympathetic to and agree with the purposes of the Association;
  2. Must have a professional interest in the unique understanding of the Association in the issues concerning family business;
  3. Must be prepared to facilitate idea exchange, help educate and otherwise advance the knowledge of family business affairs for the benefit of the membership at large; and
  4. Must not solicit business from General Members.

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