Non-Solicitation Policy

Family Business Association – Vancouver Island (FBA-VI)

Non-Solicitation Policy


One of the many advantages of membership in FBA-VI is the opportunity to meet and share ideas with members of family businesses and advisors to family businesses.

One of the core principles of FBA-VI is that all members – business owners, family members and advisors – must respect the principle of non-solicitation.  It is acknowledged and expected that members of FBA-VI will share information about their businesses.  However, members must not engage in active solicitation of business, investment capital or donations from other members outside of existing and ongoing business relationships.  While members are encouraged to source vendors and advisors from the ranks of FBA-VI, this must always be done at the instigation of the potential consumer of the product or service, not the supplier.

Members must not engage in active solicitation activities, including the following:

  • Soliciting business from or otherwise engaging in any direct sales or marketing activities with other members, absent an express and continuing request for information.
  • Distributing or leaving promotional material at FBA-VI meetings or events without the express approval of the Board of FBA-VI. Presenters will generally be permitted to make promotional material available to attendees.
  • Using FBA-VI membership information to solicit business from or otherwise contact other members for promotional purposes outside of an existing and ongoing business relationship, whether by mail or email or through social media.
  • Asking any FBA-VI member to make an introduction to a potential customer or client.

Members are asked to advise their guests of this Policy prior to any FBA-VI event to which the guest is invited.

Compliance with this Policy will contribute to maintaining a comfortable, professional and respectful environment that will encourage relationship-building among all members.  If non-compliant activities are observed or reported, the Board of FBA-VI will discuss the non-compliant activities with the members involved and remind the non-compliant member about the spirit and intent of this Policy.  In the event of repeated instances of non-compliance, the Board may suspend or terminate the member’s FBA-VI membership or ban a guest from attending FBA-VI events.

[Board Approved:  May 3, 2018]