Message From the President

It is my pleasure to serve as President of the Family Business Association–Vancouver Island.

In May 2016, we transitioned from the Canadian Association of Family Enterprise – Vancouver Island Chapter (CAFE VI) to our new name and branding, Family Business Association – Vancouver Island.

Over the past 15 years, we gained a wealth of experience providing services for family businesses in our community. Our local board of directors enjoyed the autonomy of planning our local programs in response to our members’ needs. Planned changes in the CAFE Canada model called for local chapters like ours to dissolve, a change that we believe would lead to a loss of local autonomy. Efforts by the board over the course of the year to refine the centralized model did not produce any significant results.

Our members had to make some important decisions on the future of our organization and, as a result of those decisions, Family Business Association – Vancouver Island emerged. Our member-driven organization continues to respond to members’ desire for programs that serve the interests of Vancouver Island’s family business community. Your board of directors are members of the Association consisting of both local family businesses and advisory businesses. Our aim is to keep it local, enhance our programming, continue to connect our members with each other and provide a unique community where our members enjoy a sense of belonging.

We’re excited about this new direction!

We are an energetic and dynamic organization filled with knowledgeable family businesses and advisors to family businesses. We focus on providing relevant educational events and a framework for peer support groups, recognizing that the challenges of operating a family-owned business are unique. Opportunities to mix and engage with other family businesses is often exactly what is needed to overcome the challenges of running a family business. It’s a way to find inspiration, ideas and energy from like-minded people who appreciate the opportunity to learn from each other.

Stay connected and get in touch with me if you have any questions or concerns. Take full advantage of your membership by becoming part of our Family Business Advisory Teams, by attending our colourful mix of events, and by serving as a volunteer on our board and on our committees, or as a consultant to help our programs grow.

The bonds we develop nurture our unique community of family businesses.

– Stewart Story

Stewart Story

Stewart Story


FBA – Vancouver Island

250-386-3396, Ext 1

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Belonging to a Family Business Advisory Team is a powerful experience. It's a unique opportunity to learn from one another, feel supported and give back to other members. Being around peers with similar experiences ensures there is always someone to talk to and exchange ideas and opportunities with. Continue Reading

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