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‘From a small seed a mighty trunk may grow’
                                                                    - Aeschylus

In communities across Vancouver Island family business plays a unique role. From the employment they create. The tax base they provide.  The many ways they contribute to community giving. Family business is a significant part of Island life and a backbone to the local economic and social fabric.

The Family Business Association Vancouver Island is focused on assuring family businesses thrive. As an organization our mandate is simple. Support the needs and champion the values of family business. We do that with a focus on three key areas.

Consultation – Through our advisory teams delivering professional and personal advice from a group of trusted peers experienced in family business to the informal opportunities to share experiences, we support our members in personal and meaningful ways.

Education – We develop and deliver a regular curriculum of learning opportunities attended by family businesses and advisors just like you.

Networking – Our members enjoy the regular opportunity to meet other like-minded family businesses to connect and build relationships.

With guidance from our board and the energy, ideas and enthusiasm of members the Family Business Association Vancouver Island offers like-minded organizations the opportunity to connect and support each other. Ours are unique opportunities and challenges. Together we can provide the answers to continuing success as families in business.

If you believe Family Business is worth championing I invite you explore the many opportunities of our growing and vibrant association.

- Oliver Sommer

Oliver Sommer


FBA – Vancouver Island


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Belonging to a Family Business Advisory Team is a powerful experience. It's a unique opportunity to learn from one another, feel supported and give back to other members. Being around peers with similar experiences ensures there is always someone to talk to and exchange ideas and opportunities with. Continue Reading

Samantha Holmes Owner of Bolen Books June 21, 2016

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